New Ground Petition

New Ground Petition

Sutton Common Rovers FC are currently in talks with Glenthorne High School & Sutton Council regarding installing a brand new joint ventue 3G football pitch on the Daisy field located directly behind the school (off the A217) near Sutton Common Road.

The new facility will be available for the expanding Glenthorne School to use for Sport during weekday hours and Sutton Common Rovers FC as a home ground on Saturdays and midweek for training.

Outside of the usage hours of both the school and the football club it will be available for community use hire with Sutton Borough Clubs receiving preferential discounts on bookings.

The new facility would come at no cost to the council or Sutton Borough taxpayers and will be funded by available funding channels from both the School and the football club.

The new facility will be fenced off from the rest of the Daisy Field to protect it from vandalism and misuse and will have floodlights and changing facilities/clubhouse installed.

There will still be plenty of the Daisy field available for dog walkers and general users of the park but in the winter months when the grass areas become waterlogged and unusable the new 3G pitch will still be able to continue providing sporting facilities to all.

What we need is support from local Sutton Council Residents to make the above mentioned facility a reality.

So if you are living in the Sutton Borough (either Sutton, Cheam, Carshalton or Wallington) could you leave a comment on this page with your approval or disapproval of the above project please.

If you disapprove of the above proposed facility could you also leave some feedback as to why not so we can understand anyone's concerns.

Thank you,

Justin Salmon
Sutton Common Rovers FC