If you are a programme editor, you can copy our squad list from the list below, and can download our club history in PDF format, in A5 size.


Tyler Cox (C)
Endurance Johnson (GK)
Dan O’Donovan (GK)
Danny Divine
Charles Etumnu
Stephen Gbopo
Liam Holden
Bertie Lloyd
Dion Macfoy-Johnston
Markus Marku
Shakeel Morris
Joshua Okpolokpo
Zaid Ouaret Sorr
Malachi Robinson
Ryan Stedman-Hoyte
Alexandre Stingelin
Tyrese Sutherland
Courtney Swaby
Matt Tanton
Tobe Uzor


Manager: Darren Salmon
Assistant Manager: Sam Morgan
Coach: Liam Joyce
Physio; Iona Ruhomon & Geoff Moxey
Kit Man: Tony Williams


SCR A5 Programme history (in brief)


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