Anti-Bullying Policy


•The management will not tolerate any form of bullying.
•All players shall refrain from the use of foul and abusive language on and off the field of play whilst representing the club.
•All players shall refrain from violent conduct on and off the field of play whilst representing the club.


•Managers/Coaches are expected to show respect for all officials, the opposition players, management and supporters, and their own supporters and players.
•Managers/Coaches must at all times behave in a manner that does not bring the club into disrepute with the games governing bodies.

Spectators / Family Members

•Spectators / Family Members & Parents (SFMP) are expected to show respect for the management coaches, all officials, the opposition and their supporters and above all their own players.
•The use of violent conduct and foul and abusive language is strictly forbidden.

•Any SFMP who brings the good name of the club into disrepute through word or action will be removed from the pitch or ground.
•Following the breach of club rules/code of conduct and depending on the degree of this breach, two verbal warnings will be issued before club membership is terminated. In the event of a serious breach the committee will at its discretion have the authority to terminate membership with immediate effect.


•The Club will also abide by the Football Association’s Respect, Code of Conduct, Equal Opportunities and Anti-Discrimination Policy.