If you are a programme editor, you can copy our squad list from the list below, and can download our club history in PDF format, in A5 size.


1 James Dillion (GK)
2 Danny Divine
3 Matthew Tanton (C)
4 Daryl Coleman
5 Antonio Simone (VC)
6 Bertie Lloyd
7 Max Oldham
8 Siao Blackwood
9 Conan Torpey
10 Nabeel Ghannam
11 Courtney Swaby
12 Jordan Wilson
13 Isy Nzelo
14 Aaron Jenkins
15 Noah Africa
16 Charlie Martin
17 Ben Holden
18 Gabriel Odunaike
19 Shakeel Morris
20 Louie Erokritos Staussi (GK)
21 Tom Jones
22 Matt Feeney-Hill
23 Ashley Sheppard


Manager: Sam Morgan
Assistant Manager: Reece Turner
Coach: Liam Joyce
GK Coach: Oliver Leighton
Physios: Elizabeth Raji and Geoff Moxey
Kit Man: Tony Williams

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