With the changes at the club, I caught up with the new man in the hotseat Sam Morgan. Whilst Sam was with us at the backend of last season, it’s good to hear from him and how he wants things to progress.

GB: First of all congratulations on the new role, obviously fans will have seen your involvement at the crunch stage of last season so they know who you are, but aside from that can you tell me a little bit about your management career to date?

SM: Started with Epsom & Ewell as the gaffer before a coaching role at AFC Croydon Athletic. I had a brief stint at Lingfield before taking up the Assistant Manager role at Haywards Heath where I learnt a lot in my time there.

GB: As a player, what was your style, and do you think that will determine how you want the game to be played?

SM: I grew up with players that created a great dressing first and foremost and then on the field were defensively sound, allowing the forward players to be creative and nothing changes for me as a gaffer.

GB: The club has been active on social media with regards to potential new players and trial dates, and as I understand we had over 100 applicants. How will you go about managing that, and what are you hoping to get from it?

SM: I enjoy them as it’s always encouraging to see the amount of talent available but even if they aren’t what we are looking for I will try to point them in the right direction. Ideally it would be great to get 1/2 out of the day for us.

GB: You have been busy organising pre-season friendlies, was that with your new role in mind, or were you planning that for Darren?

SM: That was with the new role in mind and speaking to chairman and managers I knew could provide the correct preparation for the upcoming season.

GB: Simple question, what are your aims for the season?

SM: Build on from out form at the end of the season. Looking at what we did in the last few months suggest we can have a successful season.

GB: Do you know who your backroom staff will be, and if so, can you tell me a bit about them?

SM: Liam (Joyce) will remain as coach and Liz (Kaji) will be back as a physio. I’ve added Reece Turner who will come in to assist me and I will potentially look at one other if available.

GB: Finally, massive shoes to fill, are you the man for the job?

SM: I mean I hope I showed what I can do at the end of the season, I think for Darren to move into a new role he thinks I’m the man for the job and that’s enough for me.

I’d like to say Ive appreciated the welcome since I joined from everyone at the club and feel proud that Darren has trusted me with the club he has built.

GB: Thanks Sam, and good luck from all of us at the club